Dry Cleaning Process

If you have ever dropped your clothes off with a dry cleaning service at one point in your life, the routine is quite simple.  The clothing is dropped off and after a few days, the clothing is picked up.  From the time you drop the clothes off until you pick them up, there is quite a process that goes on behind the scenes.

As some folks appreciate knowing what happens at day-care for their puppies, we thought it might be interesting to let you know what goes on with your clothing when you drop it off with us.

  1. First, we want to make sure that you get back exactly what you bring to us (with exception of dirt & stains, of course).  This is done by using a small paper tags to identify your clothing from others clothing.  Each bit of clothing is examined for tears, stains, rips, holes, missing buttons, etc and noted before any cleaning begins.
  2. For stains, we will treat them to help with ease of cleaning.  For small rips & holes, we will make a judgement call as to whether we can patch it up or not.
  3. Once the clothing is prepped, we put them in a very large washing machine in which the clothes are cleaned with a material-safe solvent.
  4. Upon removing the clothing from the machine, any leftover spots or stains are hand-treated to ensure 100% of the stains are eliminated.
  5. So with all of your clothing clean & fresh, the final step is pressing, folding, & packaging your clothing so you can be satisfied when you come back to pick up.

To illustrate this better, here is a video on dry cleaning that does a great job illustrating these 5 steps.

Hope to see you soon!

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